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Dead Man's Curve | Rodney Howard Degnan | m-y books ltd | 9780755250509 | eSentral Singapore

Dead Man's Curve by Rodney Howard Degnan

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Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9780755250509
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When a brutal murder rocks the sleepy seaside town of Westlake on Sea, the call goes out to maverick detective DCI Mick Mustard to lead the investigation. He assembles his tight band of men who begin to sift through a myriad of suspects. The devastated parents seek closure, but from the post mortem examination and the witness enquires, the shocking secret life of the victim begins to slowly unravel. DCI Mick Mustard’s traditional approach is challenged by his newly appointed assistant chief who is keen to get a result. Likewise the new superintendent wants the case solved so she can bask in the reflected glory. This clash of ‘street cop’ and ‘management cop’ cultures leads to tensions. The arrival of criminal profiler Professor Black at the invitation of the assistant chief adds fuel to the fire. Mick Mustard’s team rely on using his tried and tested ‘bad cop/ good cop’ techniques. By contrast Professor Black uses the analytical approach of profiling to try and solve the case. His findings lead to a shocking revelation that sends shockwaves through the village. The prolonged investigation takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. How will this clash of cultures be resolved and will innovation triumph over tradition? Will the true suspect be captured or will a miscarriage of justice occur? Who is travelling in the Dead man’s curve and who will survive? Retired senior police officer, Rodney was trained to investigate both serious and serial crimes. During his long career he worked alongside many experienced Senior Investigators ( SIOs) and was responsible for selecting staff for the National Team of Crime Experts of SCAS ( Serious Crime Analysis Section). Currently he is advising the Police in the United Arab Emirates where he is responsible for recruiting and managing a team of crime experts across all fields of investigation including forensics, crime scene and intelligence. He has travelled extensively and has international police experience with the FBI in Quantico, the Canadian Police including the RCMP and Vancouver City Police. His work in Europe includes giving training to police in Cyprus, France and the Netherlands.


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