The Journey of the Self by Davide Lo Vetere

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If you don't know it, you don't know who you are. If you don't listen to it, you don't know where you're going and why. When you discover it, your life blossoms and you tap into a limitless source of personal power. It's one of the basic teachings of every wisdom tradition in the history of humanity, and its mystery continues to inspire us all. What is it? It's the Self: the most potent and authentic part of a human being.

In the Journey of the Self, Davide Lo Vetere shows us how we unconsciously create our experience of life, and how we can learn to use the power of the Self to consciously create emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing in our life. Drawing on the timeless teachings of the major wisdom traditions, and without spiritual jargon, the book outlines seven powerful, yet simple principles to discover and embrace the Self and to create spiritual wealth--an unshakable state of fulfillment, serenity and joy that comes from being aligned with your true nature, and that transcends any experience, any thought and any emotion.

Filled with profound and accessible insights on the human soul, the Journey of the Self is a practical pathway to self-realization, and an inspiring and uplifting reminder that self-discovery and self-knowledge are the foundations to living a healthy life, and to creating a future in harmony with human nature.


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