Short Stories to Improve Your English by Edward L. Smith

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Author: Edward L. Smith
ISBN: 6610000115044
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Story time! How can you learn English using short stories?

Intermediate to advanced language learners across the globe have long claimed reading is one of the most fun and effective ways to improve your English. Simply written English is easy for language learners to grasp, but often the stories centre around subjects for children; unfortunately, some adults may lose interest, and some of the stories simply aren't challenging enough.

“Short Stories to improve your English” is a series of short stories designed specifically for English language students. The stories are written using uncomplicated language, but with some more challenging words and sentences that the stories can be understood without. Each story comes with a number of reading comprehension questions to test your understanding of the passage.

The stories are capped at 2000 words, meaning the action flows swiftly and attention is not lost. A complete story can be read through to the end in under ten minutes, making the stories perfect for any length of study session.

Boost your comprehension from simple to more complex grammatical structures, allow the intrigue of the story to boost your reading skill and best of all, enjoy learning.


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