We Are Not Alone by Kristi Pederson

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Author: Kristi Pederson
ISBN: 9781543993806
Publisher: Bookbaby
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Everyone has pieces of themselves that they keep hidden from the rest of the world. I was one of those people. Usually, the hidden pieces are those things we're not proud of or in which we fear judgment from others if exposed. In my case, it was both. After a 2010 declaration to part of my family that I would heal no matter what it looked like, my healing journey began by working with childhood wounds. As I worked through family issues, I found my self-confidence growing and my fears diminishing. Courage showed its face. I was giving myself permission to be me. I was a closeted psychic medium most of my life but had been subjected to enough judgment from others when uncensored things would fly out of my mouth. I learned early to keep quiet. It took three years of working with alternative healers to finally claim that part of myself. I knew it was okay to be a psychic medium and that it was a gift I could share with others. I was making progress but still not brave enough to reveal my biggest secret – that I was a contactee, a person who had alien abduction experiences. I am that person. I am here to help and to understand. Dr. Jack Kasher extended a hand to help me more than two decades ago, and now it's time to pay it forward.


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