Tale of Two Families by Juthika Dutt

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Author: Juthika Dutt
Category: General Novel
ISBN: tale-of-two-families
Publisher: Juthika Dutt
File Size: 0.96 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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“Sorry to interrupt, but Leela and I’ve been mulling over an idea which we hope you’ll both approve. So please lend me your ears before you decide one way or another. Would you consider hiring a wedding planner if it means avoiding the hassle of muddling through the planning of our children’s wedding, regardless of the exhorbitant cost? In case you’re both wondering of the quality of service, rest assured it’ll be worth every cent! And, both of us intend to honour fifty per cent of the total expenses. So, let’s go for it, shall we?” A story about Shabapaths family and conflict between them


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