Secrets by Juthika Dutt

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Title: Secrets
Author: Juthika Dutt
Category: General Novel
ISBN: secrets
Publisher: Juthika Dutt
File Size: 1.23 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Forgiveness is the bridge that leads you to the gates of heaven. Love is the key that lets you in.” FRANCOIS DUC DE LA ROCHEFOUCAULD – French Author (1613-1680) Singapore in the early 1960s...... The one family that had grown popular with their fellow countrymen and women over the years were the Mitras of Singapore, having earned a sterling reputation despite the vicissitudes of fortune. Hence, the continued high expectations, as well as the respect commanded by the family had made it incumbent on them to maintain a clean image as far as possible. While the Bengali community, by and large, appreciated their concerted effort, yet there were those who indulge in character assassination for their own personal entertainment…… What had suddenly come under scrutiny of this group of gossips was the seemingly intimate relationship between Aruna Mitra, the younger of two daughters, and Paul Dawson, a professional badminton coach!


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