Psychological Background Motivations For Weight Issues by Marion Selzer

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Author: Marion Selzer
Category: Family & Health
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Guide for those affected - On the heels of emotional entanglements
Does this sound familiar: Although you have eaten enough and are actually NOT HUNGRY, you are magically drawn to your fridge or candy stash over and over? You simply CANNOT STOP until the potato chip bag is empty or until you have finished the entire chocolate bar? Especially if you want to treat yourself after a stressful day, or after a fight with colleagues, friends or your partner, food has an almost magical effect on your mood?

And even though your mind protests, you cannot resist the temptation? If you then tell yourself that everything will be better tomorrow, do your appetite and cravings make life difficult?
Or do you fight emerging cravings and your appetite by WILL POWER and DISCIPLINE? You make every effort to control your eating habits via the mind, without listening to your body’s feelings? And a LOOK AT THE SCALE decides your mood? If one, the other or both sides sound familiar to you, you must put SELF-DOUBT and GUILT aside. Those who suffer because they constantly EAT TOO MUCH, TOO LITTLE OR THE WRONG THING are not lacking in willpower or perseverance.

I also spent years trapped in the VISCOUS CYCLE OF of OVER- OR UNDER-EATING. I suffered from a bad conscience and tried to hide my behavior from others. Phases of gluttony were followed by times of a strict diet and sports programs, which I was not able to stick with for very long, of course. The result was even more guilt, my undermined self-confidence and the helpless question of HOW THE HECK I WAS GOING TO STOP THIS. So I looked through libraries for relevant books on this topic, got an education as a nutritionist and dietician and got some psychological training as well.

Therein, it became clear to me that PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS often lie hidden behind problematic eating behaviors.

WE DO NOT EAT ONLY TO GET FULL, BUT ALSO TO FEEL BETTER. When we feel sad, lonely or depressed, chocolate can be a BALM FOR THE SOUL. And in order to vent our frustration and anger, we need something of which we can take a hearty bite. This is a very natural process in and of itself. After all, we experience the intake of food via the senses, thus setting the body's chemical processes into motion that lead to the release of happiness and well-being hormones.

The problem arises only when we can no longer choose how much we take in at what time freely and begin to suffer the effects of our behavior.

Conventional DIETS SIMPLY DO NOT HELP in this case. To get these problems permanently under control uncovering the MENTAL FACTORS is often helpful. If we see why the request to eat pops up and understand what we actually need instead, we can then develop alternative strategies that satisfy us in a more comprehensive manner. Even though physical hunger can be satisfied through food, emotional hunger cannot really be satisfied in this manner.

IN THIS GUIDE, you will learn a variety of MEASURES that you can put into place right away and that will teach you how to figure out your emotional entanglements and help you detect the actual needs behind your behavior. Consistency, taste and the way we eat will be as much under the microscope as the shape of your body.

Taking a sensitive LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON WITHIN WITHOUT ANY JUDGEMENT and ACCEPTANCE of the impressions, feelings and thoughts that come up will slowly but surely transform your behavior. So that you find your way back to a HARMONIOUS DIET, which gives you pleasure and joy, because you are free to choose what kinds of foods to eat in what quantities at what time again.

Positive changes in health and figure included:-)

About the author:
In an understandable manner, Marion Selzer (Lawyer, mediator, nutrition and diet consultant, psychological counselor), who has found the way out of an eating disorder herself, provides valuable tips and information for those who are dissatisfied with their diet or figure.


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