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Title: Ked's Story
Author: Hlovate
Category: Chick-Lit
ISBN: 978-967-5118-24-1
File Size: 0.46 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Hadiah deck daripada gadis tak bernama membuat dia gelabah. Macam mana budak perempuan FELDA tu tahu tentang skate? FELDA Florida barangkali, sebab budak berbaju kurung tu kenal juga Bruce Walker! Kalau nak diikutkan logik, cinta pandang pertama dan cinta antara benua tu... masuk akal ke? Ini ialah kisah remaja yang bertemu cinta pertama di tempat yang tidak pernah mereka impikan.


good titles
by Shazleen Ahmad Ramli on January 02, 2014

a must read novel. it opens up your mind.

Page turning
by Afiqah Abdul Aziz on October 09, 2015

The overall content is good but it's hard for me to go to the next page sometimes. It keeps on turning to the next chapter instead of page. Thank you (:

by Ain on April 20, 2016

wth, ive already purchased for this book, but instead i got the boboboy comics and whatever the title is. where is my ked's story????

by nurul on July 21, 2016

i just love it!

Ked's Story
by Aznidahlinah Abu Talib on November 04, 2016

Superb. Hlovate always give the readers an excellent and interesting story that we can the benefit. May Allah ease she/he to write.

by Di on February 18, 2017

Really worth to read. Kalau boleh nk ada sequel from this story????

as expected from Hlovate
by eylia syuhada nadzim on June 11, 2017

story line best. just kalau boleh nak lagi banyak content.

by amani najah on July 30, 2017

amazing story

Where is my book?
by Esyaz Eleyn on December 04, 2017

I've purchased this book, however when I click on the read it didn't came out... I want my book!

by Noor Fatihah Binti Azhar on April 11, 2018


Ked's Story
by syazwani on June 14, 2018


by Iyya on July 23, 2018

kenapa tak boleh bukak, Saya dah beli

Ked’s Story
by Joe Anne on July 24, 2018

Adakah ebook dan copy yg real berbeza? Sebab rasa macam pendek sangat. Tak puaaaasssss bacaaaa ???????????? pls I need more from Hlovate ????????

it's my first time reading this
by Nor Alyaa Adlina Binti Azhar on April 08, 2020

ngl walaupun first time baca, i didn't regret buying this. i would love to see more of hlovate's story here

Worth to READ!
by Nafishah Safian on April 11, 2020

Cheesy love story tapi masih dalam satu arah mencari Yang Hakiki

by Nur Iman Nadhirah bt Zunaiddin on April 16, 2020

Sumpah best!!!

Superb Story
by nadhirah zain on May 10, 2020

Ive been a fan of hlovate. But chapter 5-7 is missing. Is it possible to geta copy of this three chapter?

Ked'a Story
by Khairul Syafiq on May 26, 2020

I can relate the story. Aaaaaaa bestnya!

by on June 04, 2020

Please fix the page that is error. Anyway the story is superb

ked's story
by nadiah mohd nurdin on October 16, 2020

feeling dia macam baca cerpen. from the start of the story, tak banyak plot twist. or maybe its just me who expect too much kut.

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