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When her mother dies, lovely Sylvia Mace is left penniless and homeless. Rather than depend on the charity of her unpleasant uncle she must find work and is entrusted with the upbringing of Sir Robert’s daughter at Sheldon Hall. But a sinister secret overshadows all those living at the Hall, which is ruled by a possessive and ambitious old dowager, Lady Clementine.

In a cruel twist of fate, a murder is revealed by a spurned mistress leading to another death, and Sylvia must choose between her love of the child and her hidden love for Sir Robert. With few people she can trust, she runs to safety, but her ward lies dangerously ill. How the secrets of the past are exposed, and how she returns to the Hall to save the lives of those she loves are all revealed in this thrilling tale of betrayal, lies and overwhelming love.

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