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Dusty: Wild Cowboy - Cathy McDavid

Dusty Cody may be Markton, Wyoming’s most famous good-time wrangler, but now he’s got only two dreams he’s hankering to fulfill. To become the world’s next roping champ. And be a father to his little boy. Gorgeous California girl Maryanne Devonshire shouldn’t even be on this cowboy’s radar. So why’s she making him feel he was born to the family life?

The West is still a mystery to Maryanne, but there’s obviously more to the gorgeous rodeo rider than lazy Western charm and killer good looks. Suddenly she’s not so eager to hightail it back home. Maybe because she’s starting to realise that home is wherever Dusty Cody is.

Her Wyoming Hero - Rebecca Winters

At the magnificent Wyoming dude ranch run by Ross Livingston and two fellow ex-Marines, families of fallen soldiers find hope and healing. When lovely widow Kit Wentworth and her son arrive, Ross immediately finds himself drawn to them. Soon, he’s able to bring young Andy out of his shell — and touch Kit’s heart as no other man has.

But this isn’t just a vacation for Kit. She is running from her domineering father-in-law — a situation Ross understands all too well. After Kit reveals her terrible secret, Ross realises his love alone won’t be enough. Charles Wentworth is a man who will stop at nothing to control his family. Can Ross convince Kit to stand her ground — and help her fend off the forces that threaten to tear them apart?

A Husband In Wyoming - Lynnette Kent

Dylan Marshall is a man of many secrets, and journalist Jess Granger is determined to uncover them all. First, why did he suddenly abandon his promising art career? And why, after a two-year hiatus, did he agree to a new exhibit of his work? Most of all, how is it that Dylan can make a city girl like Jess imagine staying at the Circle M forever?

Jess is so busy working on the handsome rancher’s defenses that she doesn’t realise he is quietly eroding her own. She came looking for a story that would save her job and do justice to Dylan’s sculptures. But when it comes to Dylan, Jess discovers that the real story might be about finding her true home.

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