Splash the Living Water by Esther Burroughs

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Category: Religion , Christianity
ISBN: 9781483512846
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Splash The Living Water Everywhere you look, everywhere you travel, wherever God leads you in your daily life, there are dry, thirsty people whose needs will only truly be met by a relationship with the life-giving Savior, Jesus Christ! This book is about the Lord pouring on “the love so it fills your lives and splashes over on everyone around you.” (Thessalonians 3:12 – (The Message Bible) Burroughs challenges the readers to first be filled up with this love, this Living Water, and then to consider splashing it freely in their circles of influence: family, friends, neighbors, associates, acquaintances, and others met by chance. “Where do your circles of concern take you and how do you view each encounter with people?” she asks. What if our daily “interruptions” are really “divine encounters”? Are you filled and ready to splash? If not, this book will help you see the circle of influence in your life—there for the taking. Known for the warmth of her storytelling, blending the truth of God into her messages, Esther Burroughs is always an audience favorite as she speaks across the USA and beyond. Her website is www.estherbministries.com To receive a FREE copy of her best-selling book, “Treasures of a Grandmother’s Heart,” go to her website and look under the heading, “Heart.”


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