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Red Midnight | Ben Mikaelsen | HarperCollins Publishers LLC (US) | 9780062009654 | eSentral Singapore

Red Midnight by Ben Mikaelsen

Red Midnight by Ben Mikaelsen from  in  category
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Title: Red Midnight
Author: Ben Mikaelsen
Category: Teen Novel
ISBN: 9780062009654
File Size: 0.30 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
DRM: Applied (Requires eSentral Reader App)
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When guerrilla soldiers strike Santiago's village, they destroy everything in their path -- including his home and family. Santiago and his four-year-old sister escape, running for their lives. But the only way they can be truly safe is to leave Guatemala behind forever. So Santiago and Angelina set sail in a sea kayak their Uncle Ramos built while dreaming of his own escape. Sailing through narrow channels guarded by soldiers, shark-infested waters, and days of painful heat and raging storms, Santiago and Angelina face an almost impossible voyage hundreds of miles across the open ocean, heading for the hope of a new life in the United States.


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