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Author: Nathan Goodman
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 6610000102785
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"Undoubtedly one of the best spy thrillers I've read in years."
From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Nathan Goodman
One special agent -- One chance -- And time is running out
Special Agent Jana Baker assumed a new identity and thought she had escaped with her life.

But when a CIA agent goes missing and the agency does nothing to save him, she is forced out of the shadows.

Now within the grasp of an international drug ring, Baker must navigate the murderous drug cartel and a deadly CIA plot to pull him out before it’s too late.

Rendition Protocol can be read stand alone and is the culminating story in Nathan Goodman's bestselling Special Agent Jana Baker Spy-Thriller Series. It features high-adrenaline suspense, surprising plot twists, and a serious female heroine. Each novel in the series can be read stand alone.

The Special Agent Jana Baker Spy-Thriller Series:
Book 1: Protocol One
Book 2: The Fourteenth Protocol
Book 3: Protocol 15
Book 4: Breach of Protocol
Book 5: Rendition Protocol 

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"Now this is the way to write a thriller!"

"Like David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor wrapped into one."

"Undoubtedly one of the best spy thrillers I've read in paced, unrelenting!"

"This will be a best selling terrorist spy thriller in 2018."

"...makes my top list of espionage thriller books to read."

"Has New York Times bestseller list 2018 written all over it."

"...his writing is excellent...this will be a best selling terrorist spy thriller in 2018...makes my top list of espionage thriller books to read."

"The plot is a mix of James Bond, 24, and Call of Duty."
--- Russ Atkinson, Special Agent, FBI (ret.)

"I am going to blow off work so I can finish reading this spy mystery series. No joke. An intrigue novel that has New York Times bestseller list 2018 written all over it."

"One of the best new mystery thriller has hit this one out of the park. One of the best terrorism crime novels I've read in years. A new Jack Reacher. Can't wait until this thriller is made into a CIA spy thriller series collection." 

"...a mystery book with an edge of your seat quality that keeps you sucked in." 

"I ended up falling in love with the main characters...definitely a 2018 bestseller."

"I really hope this kind of thing doesn't happen in real life. A government conspiracy that leads all the way to the white house and the president, a rogue CIA agent...and just one FBI special agent to stop it."

"The undercover CIA thing is so realistic. I love finding the bestselling mysteries like of my favorite thriller books to read in 2018."

"Terrorism, suspense, gunfire, romance...all with a strong female lead character. What else are you looking for? Rivals the New York Times bestsellers by Brad Thor, Lee Child, or David Baldacci..."

"A CIA spy series to watch."

"This book is like a Jody Foster / FBI special agent Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs without the lunatic psycho...If this book doesn't become one of the bestselling mysteries out there, I don't know what would."

"...another espionage thriller series!"

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