Performance Thinking Mental Skills for the Competitive World...and for Life! by Jacques Dallaire, Ph.D.

Performance Thinking Mental Skills for the Competitive World...and for Life! by Jacques Dallaire, Ph.D. from  in  category
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“Performance Thinking – Mental Skills for the Competitive World…and for Life!”, by Dr. Jacques Dallaire of Performance Prime, addresses two basic but profoundly important questions that are relevant to every human being on the planet: ‘How do I mentally sabotage my own performance?’ and ‘How can I control my thinking in order to optimize my performance?’ This interactive book provides a simple, powerful framework of mental “Rules” that the reader can use to understand clearly how the way that they think – directly and indirectly – influences how they perform. Fear of failure and the influence of distractions are the two most common complaints that people identify when it comes to the self-sabotage of their own performance. Internal negative thoughts increase anxiety and heightened anxiety levels ultimately lead to a fundamentally incorrect focus that corrupts performance and negatively influences mental and physical health. This book discusses the dangers associated with an overriding focus on results, explains how we mentally process information at a basic level, describes the direct impact that imagery has on performance, and explores in detail what the ‘skill’ of focus or concentration is actually about...and how to control it. The A.C.T. Model© process that Dr. Dallaire shares is a methodology that has been proven over decades to help thousands of top performers from many different walks of life achieve – and even exceed – their performance goals. The process, while simple in design and execution, is a powerful tool that can help the reader to control their thoughts in challenging situations and as a result, optimize their performance. It describes a systematic process of self-analysis and self-correction that engages the unconscious mind in a way that fosters the mental “Zone” associated with optimal performance. Visit the website to find out more about “Performance Thinking” and Dr. Dallaire’s work in the high performance domain. Book Foreword written by Patrick Dempsey.


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