Life with Siri Volume One (Second Edition) by Jodi Dery

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Author: Jodi Dery
ISBN: 9781618429803
Publisher: Bookbaby
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Life with Siri –2nd Edition (2012) Siri is the unique iPhone “personal assistant” with amazing voice-recognition capabilities. Siri understands natural, informal speech like no non-human device has ever done before. Your grammar can be totally deficient, but Siri will almost always understand what you mean! Now, Life With Siri provides you with an awesome guide to getting the most fun and usefulness from Siri. This new 2nd Edition (published in January 2012) includes: - More than 50 screenshots of the questions that evoke the FUNNIEST SIRI ANSWERS - More than 50 screenshots of the BEST SIRI TIPS, including the way to have Siri send Tweets and post on Facebook - A comprehensive guide to SIRI PUNCTUATION COMMANDS - A comprehensive list of ALL THE THINGS SIRI CAN DO FOR YOU Author Jodi Dery expresses great pride in this new eBook. She says, “We feel that presenting Siri’s responses in this illustrative manner -- with maximum use of screenshots and no more text than necessary -- will help people remember the best questions to ask Siri and the best way to get useful results.” In fact, this eBook has many more screenshots, with less text to plow through, than any other eBook relating to Siri. Yes, Siri is the new girl in town. She’s a dynamo. She’s a comedienne. Siri’s hilarious responses continue to surprise people and make them laugh. For example, when someone asks Siri “where do babies come from” she usually responds with, “I found some baby stores three blocks down the road.” Then knowing your location, she lists the names and addresses of those stores. Siri's answers to “What is the meaning of life” are choice. She might respond with, “I find it odd that you would ask this of an inanimate object” or any one of 10 other funny responses to this seminal question. This unique eBook also contains screenshots of more than 50 other questions you can ask her to evoke funny answers and entertain your friends. Siri is a barrel of fun, but that’s not all. She’s full of smarts. Siri can do all of these things and more for you: - NEW –Communicate with Twitter and Facebook - NEW –Tell you where a friend is at this moment - NEW –Tell you the correct relationship of a relative - NEW –Tell you the flight numbers and paths of planes you see in the sky - NEW –Identify the constellations that are visible tonight - Address you by whatever name you choose. (including any wild nickname). - Add appointments and events to your calendar. - Remind you of anything at any time you specify. - Transcribe spoken notes to written reminders. - Transcribe spoken messages into text messages or email. - Tell you exactly where you are, based on the built-in GPS. - Find nearby taxi services and call you a taxi. - Sound an alarm at any time you specify. - Initiate a voice or video phone call. - Find the nearest gas station or any other type of business. - Find well-rated nearby restaurants for any cuisine you prefer. - Control your music player by your voice commands. - Add and remove items from your shopping list. - Calculate any spoken numbers and do all kinds of conversions. - Tell you when the sunrise, sunset or moonrise is due on any day. - Check your emails and read them to you. - Give you the current weather or forecast for any city in the world. - Tell you where a particular movie is playing locally. - Tell you the date and/.or day that a particular holiday will fall on in any year. - Remind you when you have to be somewhere. - Locate any information from the Internet, Wikipedia or WolframAlpha - And many other useful things illustrated in the Life with Siri eBook If you are interested in only The 50 Best Tips or only The 50 Funniest Siri Answers, separate eBooks with just those sections are now available. But, the complete Life for Siri eBook contains all of those Tips and Answers with more than 100 screenshots, plus two bonus sections, and it is now available. A truly remarkable value.


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