The Turquoise Wave by René Qvist

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Author: René Qvist
Category: General Novel , Lifestyle
ISBN: 9781618422910
Publisher: Bookbaby
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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A story about lasting happiness. Thomas always believed that happiness was something you had to create for yourself. However, each time he achieves a goal in life he gets disappointed; the right education, the challenging job, the penthouse apartment, the fancy car, exotic vacations, the lovely girlfriend… something is always missing. While staring over the sea, Thomas spots a surfer riding a wave in an astonishing way. When the surfer lands on the beach, he turns out to be an old, grey-bearded man with clear blue eyes and giggling laughter. A strange relationship develops between the two, and Thomas is confronted with life issues that gradually turn his mindset and view of life upside down. THE TURQUOISE WAVE is a fable in the style of bestsellers such as Jonathan Livingston Seagull (R. Bach) and The Alchemist (P. Coelho) and stands out as an eye opener that can change your perception of life – forever. Read more on: EDITORIAL REVIEW: Fantastic! The story has an awesome way of explaining the impossible, about consciousness and how to be happy in life. René Qvist has created a little masterpiece of a book that you can’t let go until you have read it to the end. I am impressed! M. Wengler, Editor, Rip’n Snap Magazine


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