Nootropics and Smart Drugs Super Boost your Mental Alertness, Cognition, Memory, Focus, Creativity and Mood by Jay Siva

Nootropics and Smart Drugs Super Boost your Mental Alertness, Cognition, Memory, Focus, Creativity and Mood by Jay Siva from  in  category
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Author: Jay Siva
Category: Family & Health
ISBN: 9781624880124
Publisher: Bookbaby
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Enhancing your brain’s functioning and performance and developing new learning, memory and attention skills is a long term process so before committing to any nootropic regimen that claims to help you in boosting mental alertness, cognition, memory, focus and mood, you should get an in-depth understanding of what nootropics are, how they work and what potential health benefits and side effects they have. Nootropics come in different forms and shape; they’re built different and their action on the brain and nervous system varies greatly. Unless you give yourself the time to get familiar with each category of smart drugs available out there and with their mechanism of action, you won’t be able to make the best choice when choosing a particular product or a list of nootropics to stack for boosting your brain’s performances. Reading this book is surely an excellent way to get familiar with the functioning of your brain as well as with the internal and external factors that can affect your mental performance and cognitive potential. It’s a very helpful step in understanding the changes that need to be done in order to restore your brain’s balance and eliminate the culprits for memory loss, attention deficit and other cognition-related problems. Once you know how nootropics work and what they can do for your body and brain, you can make a wiser decision and choose exactly the smart drugs that can help you achieve your specific goal. Role of this book is to inform and guide you in choosing the best nootropics for your body’s needs and your goals. Written in a very comprehensive manner and providing an important amount of well researched data, this book is an excellent source of information for anyone trying to understand nootropics and willing to get started with a smart drug regimen. So if you want to actually start seeing results and feeling the changes nootropics can do in your body, stop wasting time and get this book.


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